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Endeavour to instil with-in the Muslim Ummah the teachings of the Holy Qur’an, Prophetic traditions, and the virtuous servants of Allah Almighty.

Debate: Qur’an-Only Or Qur’an & Sunnah? Which is the More “Logical” Choice?

With ILS co-founder Shaykh Faheem representing the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamā’ah against the hadīth rejectors

A Ramadhān Gift to the Ummah – FREE Download!

The Islāmic Lifestyle Solutions and AWQAF-SA are elated to announce this FREE gift to the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Having surveyed the numerous cases in which many Muslims have become despondent with their current predicaments as a corollary and crisis of Covid-19, and in an attempt to rekindle our Tawakkul (Reliance) in Allāh ﷻ the electronic version of the book by Shaykh Faheem, “Tawakkul – The Missing Peace in the Journey of Life– is now available FREE to download.

Kindly share this link with friends, family, and even non-Muslims as we never truly know the difficulty someone may be in. The book covers various narratives from the Qur’ān that act as catalysts for confidence in the plan of God Almighty and stands to exhibit that the ultimate plan is in motion, though we may be unaware. The paperback version will still be on sale at various stores as well official stores and we humbly appeal to the community to support these noble causes. We further request that you remember us in your supplication and that the book inspires you to read. After all, it was the first command of the Qur’ān!

Disclaimer – Please note that permission is granted to download, read, and share and this book for electronic purposes and may not be construed as permission to print this book, or excerpts from it, without written consent from the author and publisher unless for citation purposes.

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Got a question to ask?
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*ILS Guidelines – Lockdown Relaxation for Religious Gatherings*

The President of South Africa recently advised that the lockdown protocols in Level 3 would permit religious houses of worship to re-open to the public, albeit under strict conditions.

Masājid are now allowed to re-open as long as they are in compliance with government regulations and must not exceed 50 people in congregation.  Some of the requisite rules which the Masājid administrators must adhere to are;

Sanitization of the prayer area (regularly)
 Temperature screening before entering the Musjid
Social distancing within the designated prayer area
Limited entry for 50 people as per government regulation

In addition to the procedures of screening for the virus, those Masājid which are in a position to open should take heed of the following rules from a Shar’ī perspective:

1. The elderly and minor children should be asked to perform their salāh at home.
2. Only Fardh Salāh and Khutbah should be performed in the Musjid. Sunnah and Nafl are to be performed at home.
3. Social distancing within the saff is allowed (under the circumstances).
4. Wearing of a mask during salāh is allowed (under the circumstances).
5. Shaking hands should be avoided.
6. The Finā-e-Musjid (Wudhū Khāna, toilets) should be closed.
7. The maximum number (50) of congregants should be strictly adhered to all times.

Furthermore, it must be noted that after responsible consultation, many Masājid have opted to remain closed to the general public. Their reasoning is understandable from both Shar’ī and practical points of view. Hence Muslims should respect the views of others and not engage in argumentation over these matters.

We supplicate to Allāh ﷻ to protect us during these trialling times and to grant shifā to all those who are ill.


The History & Compilation of the Quran by the Islamic Lifestyle Solutions

Salaah Facility

“A Humble appeal to the Ummah to assist in maintaining the Salah facility by contributing towards the expenses on a monthly basis. May Allah ﷻ reward you in this world and the next and grant you barakah in all your endeavors for this noble task.


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