The Forgotten Haram – 40 Narrations Concerning Jerusalem


The Forgotten Haram – 40 Narrations Concerning Jerusalem

In light of the ongoing situation in Palestine since October, The I.L.S. has made a momentous decision to offer Shaykh Faheem’s pivotal work, ‘The Forgotten Haram – 40 Narrations Concerning Jerusalem,’ as a FREE PDF to the public authored in 2015.

Forewords by Mufti Goolam Soofie and Professor Mohsin Ebrahim,

Original Publication Sponsored by The Capital Group of Companies,

Published by Islamic Lifestyle Solutions in 2015

‘The Forgotten Haram’ embarks on a profound journey through time, illuminating Jerusalem’s history, its turbulent present, and its inevitable destiny. It explores the narratives of the chosen Prophets and addresses the contentious claims over the Holy Land, shedding light on the complex tapestry of faith, politics, and history that Jerusalem embodies.

Shaykh Faheem’s work is a call to unity and understanding, offering a deep dive into the significance of Jerusalem in light of the Qur’an, the historical context of Bayt Al-Maqdis through the stories of the Prophets, and the profound ahaadith concerning Musjid Al-Aqsa and the end times. This book serves not only as an educational resource but also as a clarion call to acknowledge and engage with the spiritual and worldly significance of Jerusalem.

As the inhabitants of Palestine continue to live through unprecedented challenges, ‘The Forgotten Haram’ resonates as a crucial text for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, encouraging a united front in recognizing the sanctity and significance of Jerusalem. We invite you to download this enlightening work, engage with its teachings, and share it widely to spread awareness and foster understanding in these trying times. Let this book be a beacon of knowledge and a catalyst for change as we navigate the complexities of our shared history and look toward a hopeful future.

Download your free copy today and join us in reflecting on the history, the present predicament, and the undeniable destiny of the Holy Land. Share this treasure of knowledge and let it inspire conversations and actions towards peace and unity

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