• Mufti Moin Moeeni
    Mufti Moin Moeeni Ifta, Research & Administration
  • Mufti Omar Dawood
    Mufti Omar Dawood Ifta & Shari’ah Counsellin
  • Ml. Mohammed Saleh Joosub Arbee
    Ml. Mohammed Saleh Joosub Arbee Youth Development, Welfare & PR
  • Shaykh Faheem
    Shaykh Faheem Education, Publication & Media


Islamic Lifestyle Solutions (ILS) is a non-profit organization focusing on the Muslim youth of South Africa.

Insha Allah we shall endeavor to instill with-in the Muslim Ummah the teachings of the Holy Qur’an, Prophetic traditions, and the virtuous servants of Allah Almighty.

All this will be achieved through the grace and mercy of Allah as well as the cooperation and assistance of the Muslim Ummah.

Three highly qualified and capable scholars are the core of this organization and have come together with the sole purpose of educating the Ummah, especially the youth.

To create a harmonious society for Muslims in this modern era requires us to get back to basics and tackle practical issues affecting the general public. These scholars aim to eradicate all negativity which is incorrectly associated to Islam and Muslims. From our name, one can understand that our objective is to guide the youth with “solutions” to living an Islamic lifestyle in these challenging times


Since we are in the most technologically advanced era in history, the ILS team shall use the available technology to its full capacity. This is the most appealing method to educate the youth in contemporary times.

These are the following methods which we are sure will assist us in our magnanimous task of unifying the Muslim youth of South Africa.

World Wide Web

We are in the process of setting up a fully functional forum based website with links to guide the Muslim public on basic topics of Jurisprudence , Seerah , Islamic History  and Tafseer.

A prototype forum has been launched with the popular Blackberry mobile device and has proved to be a success thus far. The ILS receives approximately 20 Islamic questions per day on average and we hope to receive much more on our forum based website.


Youngsters today find it difficult to sit through a discourse wherein a speaker articulates for over an hour. Statistics prove that a youngster is more inclined towards learning from something which is visual as this is more appealing. We intend visiting schools throughout the country arranging power point presentations on topics as:

“Subliminal messages in the entertainment industry”
“Was Islam really spread by the sword?” etc.
We hope that such topics create a better awareness of what is happening around the world.

Sports and recreational activities

The FIFA 2010 WORLD CUP was proof enough of the youth’s passion for sport. This passion can be channeled in getting them involved in activities such as salaah leagues (which has been tried and tested by the scholars in the UK), educational field trips.

We believe that this will be very successful as the scholars are already engaging the youth of Durban to participate in weekly sporting events. This is yet another method of eradicating “tunnel vision” from the masses when they think of the Islam and the ulama.


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