Hidden Gems – Rediscovering the Lost History of the Great Personalities of Islām

“Awareness Today for a Brighter Tomorrow”

This project is researched and developed by the Ulamā of the Islāmic Lifestyle Solutions and is powered by Enyameni Wholesale and Retail the for the ongoing reward of  Marhūm Abdool Qadir Abdool Karrim – May Allāh ﷻ reward him and all those who have passed away via this work.

Like the seeker of the scattered pearls in the depths of the ocean floor, this project aims to seek out and locate, albeit with great effort- the hidden gems of the Islāmic world, both spiritual and scholarly, that have been somewhat neglected in the pages of history. This is by no means an attempt to discredit any group or order for neglecting them. Rather, it is a renowned fact that the heart tends to beat in the direction of those that one it is fond of. As a corollary of that incessant beating in the direction of the more popular personalities, there has been a steady decline in the knowledge and recognition of other esteemed luminaries, who, in their own right, acted as lamps who lit the way to the path of purification and the propagation of pristine knowledge premised upon the prophetic way.

Thus, the current project aims to seek out and exhibit in a synoptical method the history, lives, contributions, and legacy of some of these luminaries who have been forgotten, but whose impact cannot be ignored. Once the profiles are perused, it will become clear that these personalities were not worthy of the forgettery that has befallen them today.


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