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Anonymous asked 1 week ago

assalumalykum wa rehatmaullahi wa Barakatohu¬† i live in a small town where we are blessed to have at least 5 or 6 Baal mubaraks and this issue has arisen that the women of our town have taken the initiative to have moulood functions in different houses for each of the 12 days of Rabbi Ul Awwal and one of the ladie\’s sons (he Is +- 16 )brings the Baal Mubarak into a rook filled with the ladies and he then leaves is this right ? Second these ladies take magnifying glasses and show be addabi towards the Baal Mubarak while trying to look at the blessed hair and finally thirdly is it correct to take the Baal Mubarak and parade from one house to another ? jazakallah u khayran jaziran


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