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Tawakkul – The Missing Peace in the Journey of Life

From the time we are children, we are taught in schools about the famous fantasy fairytales such as ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or ‘Sleeping Beauty’ etc. and every child begins to fantasize about a life that ‘could be’, a life of endless possibilities because these stories are all about ‘happy endings’. You see, the pursuit of happiness is embedded in us from childhood but what nobody tells us is that the reason we pursue it is merely because the human being seeks peace and solace in life. Human beings do not react well to stress and discomfort, thus we are constantly in search of that missing peace in the maze of life. Hence, for either the fulfillment of a life-long passion or to sometimes acquire our dream wealth, this pursuit is ongoing.

Thus, Tawakkul – The Missing Peace in the Journey of Life is an attempt to exhibit to the reader the mastery of the plan of God via retrospective story-telling sourced from the Qur’ān. The methodology of the book is premised on the idea of a practical demonstration of the concept of placing trust in the plan of God Almighty as elucidated in the Qur’ānic corpus, and if understood, then we can achieve peace by the fact that once we place our ultimate trust in the plan of God Almighty, then we will never find ourselves ‘questioning’ our state. Instead, we will find solace in the fact that God Almighty’s plan is beyond our finite capacity to comprehend, and so we must submit to His will and turn to Him for guidance in all spheres of life.


Shaykh Faheem




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Having surveyed the numerous cases in which many Muslims have become despondent with their current predicaments as a corollary and crisis of Covid-19, and in an attempt to rekindle our Tawakkul (Reliance) in Allāh ﷻ the electronic version of the book by Shaykh Faheem, “Tawakkul – The Missing Peace in the Journey of Life– is  NOW FREE to download.

Kindly share this link with friends, family, and even non-Muslims as we never truly know the difficulty someone may be in. The book covers various narratives from the Qur’ān that act as catalysts for confidence in the plan of God Almighty and stands to exhibit that the ultimate plan is in motion, though we may be unaware. The paperback version will still be on sale at various stores as well official stores and we humbly appeal to the community to support these noble causes. We further request that you remember us in your supplication and that the book inspires you to read. After all, it was the first command of the Qur’ān!

Disclaimer – Please note that permission is granted to download, read, and share and this book for electronic purposes and may not be construed as permission to print this book, or excerpts from it, without written consent from the author and publisher unless for citation purposes.



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