“The Art of Debate and Argumentation according to the Islamic Tradition”

In a world where social media dictates the temperament of many narratives, we find ourselves in an era whereby everyone has a voice, and whilst that is fine, there seems to be this growing mentality where many assume that their views are the only correct views even on topics beyond their credentials. As a result, all other views are deemed incorrect. Atheists and apologists create arguments to lure unsuspecting Muslims, and argumentative Muslims create unnecessary arguments so that they can quarrel with fellow Muslims!!!

How do we navigate these paths and patterns of supposed truths?
What makes something true?
How does one deduce truth?
or articulate truth for that matter?

Join Shaykh Faheem in this unique course exploring the topics of

 Ethics in argumentation

The Qur’an and argumentation

The Sunnah and argumentation

 How to identify fallacies in an argument

 The relevance of methodology when unpacking subjects of a broader spectrum of analysis,


and much more…


Writing Material (Hardcover notebook, pen & pencil).
Qur’an with English translation.

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