Shaykh Faheem

Shaykh Faheem

Islāmic Theologian, Author, Researcher, Educator

Aqīdah – Sunnī, Māturīdī

Fiqh – Hanafī



Education (with certification)

Qualified Hāfizh – age 11

Qualified Qārī – age 21

Qualified Ālim / Fādhil – age 21

Qualified Assessor / Leadership

Verified by HarvardX in Persuasive Writing & Public Speaking.

Research Interest

Apologetics (Atheism, Christianity, Islamophobia)

Critical Thinking (infusing modern critical analysis with Qur’ānic methodology)

Ādāb al-Bahth wal-Munāzharah (Islamic theory of debate & argumentation)

Islamic Theology (Maaturidi & Ash’ari creed of the Ahlus Sunnah)

Philosophical & Epistemological studies related to Islam

Qur’ān – (Contemplation, Analysis, Modern-day lessons, Exegesis)

Eschatology (Ākhiruz Zamān, End-Times Analysis from prophecies)

Da’wah (Using the available technological tools to progress in Islamic propagation)

Rhetoric in writing and speech

Classroom pedagogy


Teaching Interests

Qur’ān Studies

Qur’ānic History

Islāmic Eschatology

Islāmic Creed

Comparative Religion

Ethics of Debate



Co-Founder of the Islāmic Lifestyle Solutions

Supports HSBP Darbaar


Authored Publications

The History & Compilation of the Qur’an – An Exposition of the Authenticity & Inimitability of the Holy Qur’an – Pages 111, Published in 2014.

The Forgotten Haram – 40 Narrations Concerning Jerusalem, – 211 Pages, Published in 2015

The Beginning of the End – An Eschatological Endeavour to Unravel the Mysteries of the Modern Age – 484 Pages, , Published in 2016

Stories of the Prophets for the Modern Age – Volume 1 – 448 Pages, Published 2017

Defence Against Disaster – A Response to the Systematic Vilification of Islām and its Prophet k in the Modern Age – Pages 500, Published 2019

Tawakkul – The Missing Peace in the Journey of Life – 177 Pages, Published 2020


Monographs – General

Al-Isrā Wal-Mi’rāj – A Trial of Faith

Perception and Reception – An Islāmic Account on the Acceptance or Rejection of the Qur’ānic Message

Islamophobia – The Illogical Fear of Islam and Muslims (Speech essay)

Why Argue Islāmic Matters When You Can Walk Away? -Advice to the Muslim Ummah on How to Assess the Relevance or Irrelevance of an Islāmic Argument

Da’wah Dimensions – The Qur’ānic Argument Against the Premise of Polytheism

Atheistic Whispers –An Islāmic Prophecy Regarding the Origins of the Atheistic Philosophy of Existence

Islamophobes – Mockingbirds of The Concrete Jungle

Da’wah Dimensions- Who was the Sacrificial Child? Isaac or Ishmael?

Da’wah Dimensions – 4 Reasons that Sets the Qur’ān Apart from All Other Books

Da’wah Dimensions – Where are the Shaykh Ahmed Deedats? The Moulana Abdul Aleem Siddīqīs? And the Professor Fazlur Rahmān Ansārīs of Today?

Netflix Messiah Series – Dajjāl’s ‘Plan in Motion’ Television By Social media

“Where did the year go?” – An Essay on the Swift Passage of Time in Ākhiruz Zamān (End-Times)


Monograph – Refutations

Eradicating the Erroneous Notions Regarding the Esteemed Companions

Taraaweeh: 20 Rakaats or 8??? Clarified!

“Musjid Al-Asqā Is In Madīna??? Well So Insists The Qur’ānists!” “From One “Shaykh” To Another “Shaikh” –A Refutation To The Qur’ānist Assertion That Musjid Al-Aqsā Is Not In Jerusalem

Refuting the Salafī Creed, on the Bid’ah of Dividing the Tauhīd

Refuting The Shīa On The Illicit Views Regarding Hadhrath Amīr Muāwiyah

Refuting The Belief That The Parents Of The Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) Possessed Disbelief

Was The Me’raj A Physical Or Spiritual Journey?

Fortifying The View That Praising Prophet Muhammad’s Birth Is Nothing New

“Dispelling The Mist From The View Of The Extremist” – BID’AH CLARIFIED

Mawlid Misconceptions – How Unfound Propaganda Can Be Divisive

Muharram & the Many Karbalās of the Modern Age


Current Projects

The Meccan Dawn – (Publishing 2021 inshā Allāh). forms the second volume of the “Stories of the Prophets for the Modern Age” series and focuses on an academic rebuttal to some of the heinous allegations made by apologists on the Sīrah (prophetic biography) of the Meccan era. The primary rebuttal focuses on the allegations made by the Canadian archaeologist, Dan Gibson who claims that Mecca is not the Qiblah of Muslims and that the more sound opinion points towards the ancient city of Petra. This false notion, as well as many others, such as the infamously devious Satanic Verses, and Robert Spencer’s ‘Did Muhammad Exist?’, will be refuted -God Willing- by 2020 as well.

The Age of Ā’ishah – Answering the Apologists(Publishing 2020-21) The rise of hateful rhetoric against Muslims usually commences with the accusation of the Prophet Muhammad’s k marriage to Lady Ā’ishah I. The apologists utilize their one-dimensional understanding of history to call upon the Prophet Muhammad k as a ‘peadophile’. Hence, the focus of this book will be an analysis and origin of the claim with a response to the apologists from the Islāmic perspective as the Islāmophobic lobbies tend to obfuscate matters with the intent to vilify Islām and its Prophet k as much at every given opportunity.


Future Projects

Signs & Conditions of the Hour – This work will continue where ‘The Beginning of the End’ left, but with focus on the subject from the perspective of ‘cause & effect’ elucidating how the Prophet Muhammad k foretold the world as we see it today with precision to be launched sometime in 2021 inshā Allāh (God Willing).

Agents of Fasād –Will be a book dedicated to proving that the world has fallen into the hands of a corrupt few. The analysis will be done employing intellectual probing into the subject of the implied methodology of the infamous characters known as Gog & Magog (Ya’jūj and Ma’jūj), who will reign upon us an age of Fasād (corruption). The book will be premised on strict adherence to the Qur’ān and Sunnah with a view to juxtaposing the global corruption prevalent in today as an indication to the true puppeteers pulling the strings of pandemonium and chaos.


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